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Mirror maze

Sky Production Company is ready to offer you a novelty in the field of entertainment and family-friendly – a mirror maze Sky Maze!

новинки аттрационов

  • You can buy a Sky Maze – one of the most profitable in the world of attractions, all-weather attraction of high bandwidth (the perfect solution for business)
    Only our design provides the ability to upgrade and work on several, different sized venues (modular assembly and possibility of installing special effects)
    The unique technology of production of mirrors “Triplex” (ride is completely safe for visitors of all ages)
    It requires no maintenance (energy-saving, LED backlight)
    Professional advertising campaign for promotion of attraction on the territory of your city, and installation supervision – for free!
    Attraction does not require additional permits and certificates.

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  • Unlike all competitors, our design allows for quick disassembly, assembly and modernization. Labyrinth is able to work on several of your sites depending on the load of it.
    Sky Maze attraction will attract additional attention to the place where it will be installed. The parks and shopping centers owners notice a significant increase of number of visitors.
    We can offer you many solutions how to make SKY-MAZE unique and memorable for each guest. Range of effects can be expanded and modernized so that even repeated visits to SKY-MAZE – bring new emotions!
    The basic model, later, may be supplemented by specials effects: smoke machine, cryo-smoke generator, mannequins, strobe lights, built-in mirror invisible screens, scarecrows and audio system.
    SKY-MAZE is absolutely safe. We use technology that increases the strength of the mirrors and reducing number of joints, chips, additional fasteners that allows you to feel in the maze more tangible. Even with the broken glass, the technology will not let it to break down and turn into fragments, which could cause serious damage.
    The design of the Sky Maze is easy to assemble and does not require much physical effort. When installing, it is not necessary to drill the walls, floor or ceiling of the room in which it will be located.
    Full control over the number of sold tickets and visitors (registration + online broadcast)

sky maze зеркальный лабиринт 

After the little girl was harmed in the competitors’ Sky Maze, our unique production technology of mirrors has become even more current and updated. With it, you can be confident in the safety of visitors to 100%! (Even if your competitor will break into with a hammer, don’t’ worry!)

To find out the cost of your Sky Maze: +7 499 398 1443 /info@skyproduction.ru

sky maze

** Sky Maze requires no maintenance. The only cost is the electricity for lighting the room and disposable gloves for visitors (in order avoid stains on the mirror).

*** You can buy a Sky Maze and build in it various special effects. Even repeated visits to Sky Maze will always bring bright and new emotions!

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