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You want to open your business but do not know what to start, well, maybe you’re lucky and you have a place in a passable place – plunge into the world of entertainment business, from which you will not only get a substantial income, but also pleasure, giving people joy.
We are ready to offer you ready-made solutions that will instantly bring results.
Attractions: Mirror labyrinth skymaze, attraction sky vortex, room of miracles room Ames, and gravitational room – sky gravity.

These are those attractions that can become a part of the entertainment complex as well as work separately, attracting visitors to the place where they are installed.
Therefore, in case of renting a rooms, you can get the most favorable terms.
Practical experience of operating attractions shows their payback from 3 to 7 months, and on the eve of the holidays especially New Year, your earnings will grow at times.
Advantages: we are all in search of sensations, and our attractions are a great opportunity to get fantastic sensations that impress even the most sophisticated visitor.
Each represented attraction means getting stunning photos that in the age of social networks will become an unchallenged advantage. Low entry threshold and quick payback.
Attractions are absolutely safe and can be visited without age restriction.
Quick installation and there is no need to drill walls and floor. Anchor object and an advantage for the lessors.

Mirror labyrinth sky maze is our pride. The attraction that we make the best in the Europe. Many models and configurations. Mirror labyrinth quest-with us everything is possible.

Room Ames – in front of you a real room of incredible transformations. It would be appreciated by Salvador Dali himself. What to say about the visitors, in front of whom they will experience on themselves incredible phantasmagoria. Here you can instantly get bigger or smaller. And wonderful moments of transformation can be shot in a photo or video.

Sky Vortex is the most spectacular attraction of our collection. Sky Vortex – feeling of weightlessness, disorientation in space and an incredible amount of new emotions will allow visitors to visit a real space adventure. The attraction Sky Vortex is the most visited attraction in the Lazarevsky Park of the Olympic capital after the Ferris wheel.

Sky Gravity. Attraction Sky Gravity – a place where the laws of nature stop working. People walk on the ceiling, and the force of gravity works quite differently. An Apple would have never fallen on Newton, here in Sky Gravity, it would have rolled not downwards but upwards. An excellent alternative of the attraction the upside down house.
Golden Fever. Each of us dreamed of finding a treasure. Is not ir right? Children, however, are in constant search of treasures and related adventures. Gold Fever is a unique adventure where you can feel the excitement of searching and the happiness of finding treasures, developing your motor skills, attention and of course experience unforgettable emotions by bringing home your treasures which you personally found, and most importantly, to return to the attraction more than once in order to feel again these sensations and collect full collection of treasures.

With attractions from the leader in the entertainment industry Skyproduction, your visitors will understand that there is always a place for mirracle in life and will bring their friends and relatives to you, and you will have an exciting business that brings a stable income. All attractions produced by our company receive service and advertising support, are fastened to communicate with visitors and get into a separate federal network of unique skymaze attractions
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