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SKY Production Company is the leader of the Russian entertainment industry. Since the beginning of the third millennium, we create an effective concept of entertainment centers, theme parks and nightclubs, one of which became the best club and concert venue of the Olympic capital – SKY CLUB and concerthall, in which a lot of Russian and foreign artists has performed..
To date, the main focus of SKY PRODUCTION, is a segment of family entertainment centers and manufacture the best in class attractions. Our clients already are the largest international park KIDZANIA game training, GALAXY PARK, MAZA PARK, ROLL HALL, A113, Harlequin, Cosmic, Heroes Park and the amusement parks of the Olympic capital.
Success, designed and put into commercial operation of the family oriented, amusement park game training KIDO PARK in Izhevsk, which was discussed and talked about by all mainstream media, fully met our expectations and was convinced of the correctness of the chosen direction LEARNING THROUGH FUN or BUSINESS INTELLEGENCE, in which the company Sky Production, holds the leading positions. 15344The world is now changing so fast, so in order to just keep up with it, you need to run and work hard; and the people of the future will be very different from us, and it is recognized by all scientists, and with each passing day new things become very clear to every single person. Children first meet and dipped into a completely new reality, a reality where the old rules and foundations do not work anymore. In reality, in which parents are asking fewer and fewer questions and ways of obtaining information are becoming more accessible and more efficient. Projects of parks scientific entertainment offered by Sky Production, is a new reality, where children by playing discover the latest scientific knowledge, learn the nature of the physical, biological and chemical phenomena by interacting with dozens of exhibits, and most importantly, during just one visit, they understand the basics of the structure of the modern society and the world. Children are deciding who they want to be when they grow up, by trying themselves in different professional fields from various areas, realizing how they work. With that, we’re talking about total immersion in a profession.
аттракционы skyproductionWhen trying a new profession, such as a firefighter, the child not only gets insight into the profession in a small copy of the fire department, but he goes to the call on the mini fire truck in full uniform, which he puts an artificial fire. The same applies to a real television studio with real cameras, a theater, a hospital, a bank, a recording studio, a supermarket, a summer school, pharmacy, and many more other professional areas of the life of any modern man, which also did not remain without attention and settled in park game training. Based on the experience of our client, a major international park game training Kidzania, where the mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin was in present on its opening ceremony, it may be noted that the global trend, that in the near future, will change a lot of industries and fields, it was not remained without attention of major brands and corporations, which once again confirms its perspectives.

Therefore, everything with what the chld is faced inside the following professional areas, such as: banks, shops, beauty salons, already has their brand names: Danone, Colgate, IlPatio, Alfa Bank and other leading industries. All these listed above already has benefited from the ability to effectively imprinted in the mind of growing generation. This is the other of the many significant articles of income of the owner of the park game training, to design and implement into commercial operation, will be helped by experts of the Sky Production Company.
And now, we present you a selection, produced by our company, attractions that not only fit perfectly into your entertainment parks and objects but also will become a significant profit of your income.
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