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Toddlers, older children and youth, are dreaming of finding a gold mine to  become a real treasure miner, to get rich instantly and to forget about financial adversities for several years. Who has not dreamed of becoming a real gold digger, to find the source, full of gold, precious stones and precious materials. Just a few days of work, and you will get enough money  for everything you want, and in any quantities.

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Gold mining is often associated with the risks for physical health. Work in all kinds of weather and in the most difficult conditions not only stopping people from going good mining but also leaves it’s imprint on the enthusiasm of potentially rich people, but in the case of «The Gold Rush» attraction all risks are reduced to zero and and no gold digger will be left without a catch.

When a “rush” is not the reason to concern


Sky Production presents you the Salon Attraction «The Gold Rush» – a real celebration for many fans of Indiana Jones and Lara Croft, who have spent most of their conscious lives on treasure hunting, falling into the most unexpected and difficult situations and getting out of them with dignity. Children and adults have a unique opportunity to visit the mines of precious minerals, to feel all the charms and complexities of this process on their own experience, with a guarantee of leaving not empty-handed. At the same time, all visitors are provided with positive emotions, good mood and many valuable findings.

«The Gold Rush»  repeats the working principle of the equipment for cleaning precious stones and minerals from gangue, whether it is a rock or sand, in a simplified way. An important point: only one specialist is sufficient to monitor the operation of the equipment. The attraction can be installed outdoor or indoor of an entertainment center, with one important condition – it must be provided with a slip resistant floor covering, so the smooth floor of most of the centers is not suitable for it.

Simple but effective

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Working principle of the «The Gold Rush» is simple: the water tower is the basis of the construction, from which water is poured into special trays, where the visitors of the attraction clean and wash “gold”.

At least 10 trays are provided, which ensures a continuous flow of new visitors. After finding the mineral, it can be identified by dividing minerals and precious stones into classes.

The main feature of the «The Gold Rush» attraction is not only the immersion of children and adults into a world recreated specially for them, but also the real reward  – a gold coin.

It is a real jewel and is placed only in one pouch of the breed of a hundred. In case the coin is discovered by the visitor, the employee of the attraction is obligated to pay him/her certain amount of money. Given the cost of a single ticket, and that visitors are often families with children and couples in love, it is more than profitable for the owner.

«The Gold Rush» attraction – is a real treasure, and great fun for both individual guests as well as for the whole family. Not King Solomon’s mines, because totally safely.

Attraction in the form of an educational project or learning through entertainment.

It is a mini dredge from the time of the gold-rush prospectors, where visitors can independently wash the semi-precious stones, minerals, fossils and metals from the prepared soil with hand trays.The attraction is equipped with ultraviolet lamps, so you can not worry about safety, all water is disinfected. Options may include a toy library, for giving out prizes or exchanging of found artifacts on prizes. In addition, depending on the the premises configuration , there is a possibility to realize a stand demonstration of prospectors’ working process and the details of their life.

The mechanism of work

The visitor purchases one of the soil packs, and passes to a mini digger tray. The number of participants depends on the length of the tray and the floor space. After a successful search of the  artifacts, the operator explains their nature and helps to identify them.

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Requirements for premises:

  1. Area of at least 20 m2
  2. Waterproofing floor (floor tiles, or other easily washable)
  3. Presence of water and sewerage. Preferably to have a bathroom for visitors.
  4. Ceiling height is not less than 3 meters, preferably 4 meters
  5. Electric power not less than 2.5 kW
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