SKY MAZE mirror maze in the biggest and most modern shopping mall ARENA CENTAR

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A chain of unusual and impressive entertainments spreads right to the Adriatic coast.
Now residents as well as tourists of Croatia’s capital – Zagreb have an opportunity to visit the world’s biggest chain of mirror labyrinths. There, in the SKY MAZE mirror labyrinth, they can lose themselves in the experience and travel to the world of endless space and become entangled in fairy-tale corridors.
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Even before the opening of Arena Centar, visitors were interested in the labyrinth and today one can say that many people couldn‘t wait until it opens its doors. From now on, the shopping centre can also be called a full-scale family entertainment centre, because there is something for everyone in the labyrinth. Everybody will have a new experience, feel the magical fairytale and capture photos of it from many angles.

By the way, speaking about photos, they will be perfect to take as the inner lighting of the mirror labyrinth glows in many colours which will create many winning pictures – the space of the mirror maze looks really endless and every new angle creates a wonderous new sight.
The performance of a children‘s theatre with Lewis Carroll‘s Alice in Wonderland characters marked the opening of the maze. This was a great success and without a doubt the mirror maze is extremely popular with the local residents.  The mirror maze is also a tourist attraction for many overseas visitors including the Italians, as an attraction such as this is rare in Europe.

50% of SKY PRODUCTION amusement attractions are custom-made, as many customers want an individual design or additional effects and about 30% have special requirements for equipping buildings sites including construction material certificates.
When building the mirror maze in Arena Centar shopping mall, we had to make the ceiling leaky, as this were the requirements of fire servicemen.
In a mirror maze no light should come from outside. Having ceiling holes in an amusement like this would annihilate the impression made on visitors.

Nevertheless our engineers managed to solve this problem!
What are SKY PRODUCTION amusements famous for? For the fact that along with perfect quality and numerous options the customer also gets support on any stage of cooperation, even after running the project in commercial action. And it makes 50% of success. We know how to catch the eye of a customer and hold it, how to make the experience thrilling. Our vast knowledge in managing amusements around the world lets us find and use only the best things!
We are waiting for you in a world chain of unusual and impressive attractions SKY MAZE!

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