Live photo zone – the center of attention at your event!

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Wedding. Anniversary. Corporate. Presentation. It does not matter at all what caused the organization of the photozone. It is much more important to create a truly bright, attractive and reflecting the essence of the event site. A place where everyone will come at least once to capture the moment and express their emotions.

Do not underestimate the photozone. This is not only a place for photos. This design attracts attention, allows you to make high-quality and original images. As a result, all this is a memory for the future and additional advertising on social networks. You want to talk about your product, event or presentation?

A live photozone is a photozone made of decorative panels with iridescent sequins using special technologies. A huge selection of colors of reflective elements and the possibility of applying any image can attract 6 times more attention.

And all this – in your style! Sky Production will make the photo zone personalize people, product or excuse. If this is a wedding, then the center of attention should be the appropriate jewelry, the names of the newlyweds. And when it is a holiday of a brand, the corresponding corporate colors, logos and trademarks stand out.

Why, if the photozone, then necessarily “Sky Production”? 

We are veterans of the Event industry, but not only continue to look at the world in a new way, but also set trends. There is nothing simpler and more banal than the design for the film delivered and posted to the event, and if necessary, our experts organize the process of photography.

Compact, high-tech and quite inexpensive!

You can easily transport and arrange the structure in any convenient place. To do this, you do not need to allocate a room or fence off the territory. The technical capabilities of Sky Production specialists will allow to realize any idea, strictly complying with the budgets declared by the customer.


To rent a photo zone, you just need to leave a request on the site or call. We are ready to share with you the secrets of our success in the market of Event-services and, moreover, we will do everything so that your event will be remembered by everyone! 

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