Kinetic wall “Amazing Airways” – a new word in the industry of children's entertainment!

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Your chance to surprise customers by offering something new and unique …

How to surprise a child, attract his attention and at the same time get approval from an adult? It is necessary to provide such a game, entertaining process that not only involves, but also tells more about the natural sciences. The Sky Production Amazing Airways kinetic wall works just that. This is a new attraction based on old and improved technologies and ideas. A modern look at the entertainment industry and, we are sure, it will appeal to you.

What is it and how does it work?

Have you heard anything about Rub Goldberg’s car? Our wall is based on a similar model, where the game form is added and elevated to the absolute. This is an interactive platform that allows you to change the direction of the ball and solve spatial problems, gaining new experience.

The advantages of such a wall are obvious:

  • Simple, clear and fun gameplay.
  • Many options, each of which is unique.
  • Various solutions that develop the spatial thinking of the child.
  • Of interest is not only the game with the wall, but also the observation process.
  • Traps, corridors, intricate labyrinths – all this on one interactive wall!

The design itself includes reliably equipped levers, air tubes, inclined elements and pulleys that together form a system. This is an exciting adventure a few minutes long, leaving behind a storm of positive emotions.

Keep up to date to win the audience!

That is how the entertainment industry works. What is new today is popular and attracts the attention of thousands of people. This is the best opportunity to earn a new audience, retain old customers and grow your business while being in a trend.

Kinetic Wall is a good choice. Such exhibits are actively installed all over the world, including parks, shopping centers and even educational institutions.

Specialists of the Sky Production company will help you select an exhibit, answer all questions and introduce the attraction in any business area. Do not underestimate the possibilities of interactive entertainment today, in the near future to be at the forefront, leaving behind competitors.

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