Happy clients of your restaurant / bar / salon/ hotel and your extra income! – CHARGING STATIONS
As you know everybody is using mobile phones, especially smart phones and people get very upset and frustrated when their phone batteries are dying and they don’t have any resources to charge them. As you know, the longer people are staying at your restaurant the more money they spend. We can help them to stay longer at your restaurant. We provide the charging stations for the phones. Our charger station for clubs and restaurants sky split allows your clients to charge their phones and exceed life of their phones’ batteries and exceed time of their staying at your place and that means that you will earn more money while your clients will be more happy and relax! Look how it works.

You depends of the model that you choose keep a charger system at your place and give stations SKY CHARGE to your clients or clients will use model SKY STREAM to put telephone in protected cell in case the batteries on their phone are dying. Stations work and compatible with all mobile phones: Android, iPhones – it doesn’t matter and they can even charge your phone without a cable. And in case of SKY CHARGE terminal with it’s impossible to take station at home, so you can be secure! You even can take money for this service – because everybody needs to be connected with their friends, relatives and business partners.

It gives you great opportunities for advertising your brand, cafe, restaurant – you can put your logo on base with light panel and on every station. And of course yours clients will be happy to visit you again because you think about them!
SKY CHARGE – this is modern charging station which is base with led panel where you can place your advertisement and 8 portable stations with ability to marking your logo on each station. Waiter can bring station to client for money or free but in both of this cases client gets ability to charge its device fast and stay connected with the world. Its very useful service for cafe, restaurants, bars and other place that work with people becourse everybody use mobile phones. SKY CHARGE charging station this is combination of perfect design and modern technologies. Size of each station allows to use it everywhere in your place and only there becourse station can be charged only through base that is in your place. Station have light indicator that tells you about the level of charge so you can control it too. It’s not too much to say that charging station for restaurants SKY CHARGE allows to charge all types of mobile phones and charge it fast!

SKY STREAM its perfect charging station with 6-9 cells that keeps telephones inside and charge it very fast and you can place advertisement in LED monitor at the top of terminal or light panel in bottom of terminal.
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SKY WAY – terminal with 20 cells that allows to charge maximum quantity of devices and to have perfect opportunities for branding.
Places for our charging station are:
Cafes, bars, restaurants
Hotels, beauty salons, fitness clubs, SPA salons
Entertainment centers.
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